Joey’s 2.0 Policies & Sign Up

On behalf of myself and Hollie, we thank you for believing in us.  This email is long, we recommend a snack or a tall glass of your favorite beverage!  This project means a lot to us and we are over the moon to offer it again!  Year 1 was a blast and we are so excited to continue the Joey Program! Questions? Contact Us – [email protected] or [email protected]

JOEYS is a 9 month commitment, August 2022 – April 2023 with your favorite photographer (@jakejoe) and his team! (9 scheduled photo shoots)

Let’s Hop In!  (best one we could come up with lol)

The Joeys is a group of dancers with one common goal – CREATE AMAZING CONTENT and CAPTURE POSITIVE GROWTH DEVELOPMENT.  In the age of Social Media, dancers want and now NEED multiple opportunities to create content.  From day one @jakejoe/Dance Studio Pix was created to service dance studio companies and entire recital programs.  Our calendar usually consists of 50+ dance studios with 100 or more dancers per shoot.  This left very little opportunity for us to work with the individual dancer(s).  Fast forward to now, THE JOEYS WERE FORMED!  We have introduced a 9-month calendar of pre-scheduled photo shoots that allows dancers and parents to plan accordingly and receive the shoots and photos they have always wanted and loved at a discounted rate.  

JOEYS is a subscription-based photography package for dancers wanting to build their brand.  This is for the intermediate & advanced company dancer that wants more photographic opportunities on a monthly basis! (Ages 7 & up)

THIS IS BEST FIT for dancers ages 7 & up competing and/or performing at an intermediate to advanced/prepro level.

Each month we will host a different TYPE/STYLE of photo shoot for the JOEYS.  We will release an email or text with a link to sign up for your dancer’s time.  Backdrops, set designs, and locations are predetermined and presented by @jakejoe.  The dancer’s style, personality, and ideas will individualize each photo session.  We look forward to creating a unique look for each JOEY!


This took my team and I the longest to come up with.  What is fair for us and what is fair for you as a parent was the top of our discussions.  When asking pros & cons we discovered the most common CON of any ambassador program was receiving less than you and your dancer put in and expected.  We promised ourselves to guarantee that would not happen in the JOEYS.  Transparency and equal opportunity is a JOEY standard!

The monthly subscription fee is $250 + fees.  There is a $100 non-refundable registration fee (due upon registration) that locks in your spot for the start in August!  The first monthly charge will be August 1st, 2022.  The payment schedule is once a month.  Any additional shoots needed on top of the 9 scheduled can be booked through our website or email!  Any extra costs for photoshoots will be discussed and agreed upon before the photoshoot.

Each month is automatically charged to a card on file on the 1st of the month. ALL JOEYS MUST HAVE A CARD ON FILE.  Any return transactions will be subject to a $50 penalty fee.  There is a 4% processing charge added to the total per month.

*Additional photoshoots for JOEYS receive $100 off.


Now                                                     $100 Registration Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE)

August 1st, 2022.                          $250

September 1st, 2022                           $250

October 1st 2022                                 $250

November 1st 2022                             $250

December 1st 2022                             $250

January 1st 2023                                 $250

February 1st 2023                               $250

March 1st 2023.                                  $250

April 1st 2023                                      $250

Any additional costs for shoots will be discussed well in advance.


JOEYS are in “PHOTO SESSION” from August 2022 – April 2023.

The dates of photoshoots are as follows:

***Each JOEY will pick an individual time slot (30-60minutes) per month***


•••We may add days if needed to these schedules***

August 5/6                           Photoshoot

August 12/13.                      Photoshoot

September 30-Oct2.            Photoshoot

November 5-6                      Photoshoot

December 2-3                      Photoshoot

January 7-8                          Photoshoot    

February 4-5                         Photoshoot                     

March 4-5                             Photoshoot                     

April  1-2                               Photoshoot                     

JOEY shoots are separate from anything scheduled through your dancer’s studio and cannot be interchanged or combined.

Dancers not able to make a scheduled photo shoot can reschedule with us during the week (time permitting).  All makeup photo shoots are in studio and may not be the exact same type/style as the missed photo shoot.  If a schedule cannot be made up then the shoot will be forfeited and you will carry a credit to the next shoot.  Only 2 shoots can be moved/cancelled/forfeited.  Makeups are not guaranteed.

The rescheduled time/date is for a 30-minute session only and must be rescheduled for a date 15 days before or after the missed shoot.  Any dates after are subject to forfeit.  We will not allow for more than 15 days in advance to pre-schedule a photo shoot.  This keeps us on track for the 1 photo shoot session per month.

Dancers unable to make a certain TIME at a scheduled shoot may reach out to us and we can then ask the JOEY group to switch with them.  We cannot promise or guarantee any transferring of time slots.

Scheduling for individual shoot times is on a first come first serve basis.  If there are no times that meet the demands of your schedule, we will try our best to find something that works.  Remember there are a lot of JOEYS and this awesome experience only works if we are all flexible and work together.  If you wait until the last minute to pick a time for your session, then you run the risk of less time options.  

JOEYS may NOT “makeup” photo shoots at other @jakejoe / Dance Studio Pix events.  For example, your dancer cannot come to a recital shoot at another studio and take photos during it to make up for your previously scheduled JOEY shoot.


For all of our soon to be JOEYS that live out of Arizona, DON’T WORRY, we got you!  Please reply to this email prior to submitting registration for an alternative option.


Photos will be photographed by Jake McWilliams (@jakejoe) and Dance Studio Pix representatives.  We cannot guarantee that a reschedule will be photographed by Jake McWilliams.  We can guarantee though that the same fantastic quality will be at every photo shoot!

From time to time, we may pair dancers up because of logistical timing purposes.  We will take great pride in making sure both dancers are of the same age and similar ability.  This is important to us to make sure the photo shoot vibe is positive and awesome.

Every dancer will receive roughly 10-15 photographs per dance/headshot shoot.  This DOES NOT INCLUDE concept or specialty shoots.  Additional editing is always available at an additional cost.


If this is something you need but cannot pick your favorite child (LOL), please contact us for more information. 


We do not control what you say, do, post, etc. but strongly recommend that a positive expression is illustrated that compliments our brand and your dancer.  If at any point a dancer or parent violates this and represents a situation that is not at the standard of Jake McWilliams or Dance Studio Pix, the dancer may be dropped from the JOEY program.  We work with a majority of dance studios in Arizona and have a very positive friendly relationship with them.  We expect to maintain that!

Posting photos, Commenting and sharing on social media is always greatly appreciated but NOT EXPECTED NOR REQUIRED.

At any point @jakejoe and Dance Studio Pix can cancel a dancer’s JOEY subscription.  Any amount paid extra will be reimbursed 5-10 business days back to the card on file.  Any rescheduled shoots will be cancelled and reimbursed as well.  All events/months paid and photographed will receive their edited images at the scheduled time of release.

Parents release any and all media to @jakejoe & affiliates to use photos in marketing, print, website, stock, social media, advertisement, etc.  Any photos sold will include a 20% dividend to the dancer/parent.  Percentages of sold photographs are void on/after July 31st, 2023.

This agreement is for 1 JOEY YEAR.  9 months, 9 photoshoots.

@jakejoe & Affiliates, employees, representatives are released to any and all wrong doing and damages and any personal injury to you and/or your child/dancer.

All photos are received via digital download.  Each dancer will receive a gallery and password that is custom to them.

“Photography Investment Protection Plan”

This is always a touchy subject and we never want you to feel like you are in the middle.  As a photographer it is hard to know when to put your foot down or when to let companies use your clients’ photographs.  Please understand that all of these companies have opportunities to hire photographers for their own brand and representation.  Using your investment in your children, on your terms, is what we want to preserve!

We understand many of our JOEYS will represent other brands such as dance groups, studios, companies, clothing brands, etc.  We love that and encourage you to keep up the hard work.  Being a JOEY definitely allows dancers to feed the need for an ongoing brand and to cover what the ambassador programs need (more photos).  But we want to protect your investment with us!  All ambassador programs are allowed to repost and share photos from your social channels.  Ambassador programs/Brands/Companies ARE NOT allowed to include their logo OR ANY advertisement into or onto the photo itself.  Descriptions also cannot be in a “FOR SALE” manner.  We monitor most ambassador programs closely to protect your investment.  All ambassador programs are encouraged to purchase individual images from us of your dancer if they would like to use them within their marketing and advertising campaigns.  We provide a 20% dividend of that purchase back to the dancer.